Telaga Waja

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Telaga Waja river is coming from the foot of Mount Agung. Winding path and the river full of rapids make suitable as a vehicle for adventure sports such as rafting.

Rafting at Telaga Waja river offers a passionate adventure since the first time rowing scull. The flow of the river will take you to explore exotic natural atmosphere. You will pass through wild tropical forest, hanging plants and vines. scenery really challenging adventure instinct everyone.

The water is very clear on the Telaga Waja. A very heavy flow of water in the rapids which are added lai towering waterfalls, making this a river rafting exciting trajectory.

Rafting at Telaga Waja costs

To be able to enjoy the adventure at Telaga Waja is you have to spend the cost of which is usually offered for domestic travelers for Rp350.000 per person. It includes an international buffet lunch at the restaurant which has a very interesting view.

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