Taste The Italian Culinary at Mi Piace Pasadena

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Mi piace is italian means that i really like ( her ). yes, restaurants cafes and bakeries this offers a satisfaction guarantee for any customer who comes. located on colorado boulevard, pasadena, california, this famous restaurant serves italian specialties. visitors are invited out to feel the atmosphere of one’s european-style dining at reasonable prices.

The restaurant was established since 1990 serving a menu for breakfast, lunch, dinner and presentation of late night. the menu offered real style of italy. for lunch dish, there fritte patate, cooking thinly sliced fried potatoes with cayenne pepper, oregano and rosemary and served with spicy ketchup and honey mustard. additionally, visitors will too select gamberoni piccante, the big shrimp sauteed with garlic seasoning, onion, white wine, red pepper and bread crumbs. there could be too similar sashimi dish known as torre di tonno, ie sesame oil marinated tuna, jalapeno, soy sauce, sweet mirin, sake, rice vinegar, recent cilantro, cucumber, red onion, complete with avocado and served with crispy wontons.

Visitors will too pick a style of typical italian insalata or salads are offered in numerous choices an example would be insalata tricolore, insalata di cesare, insalata vinnie, insalatina in spinaci, insalata di rucola and dl antipasto mare.

Pasta is mandatory within the whole list menu of italian dishes. mi piace got a full menu ranging from pasta spaghetti, bucatini, perciatelli, cappellini, ravioli gnocchi till ingredients are combined with numerous alternative choices specifically for your own personal pasta dish tersajinya visitors. cuisine lasagna and pizza are too made up the most style of choices will be which might be selected consistent with style visitors.

The breakfast menu may be a favorite at this cafe-restaurant is house made oatmeal, granola, cinnamon roll, muffins, recent fruit salad and chocolate croissant. rocha almond cake, creme brulee, fruit tart, mi place mango and chocolate trio are a handful of of one’s dessert menu would have imagined pleasures.

Mi piace this cafe-restaurant, additionally there is additionally a bakery features a menyedikan bar drinks and cocktails. value per share of each one diet offered ranged from $ 11 out to $ 30. these dishes coming from the home country rider valentino rossi often is enjoyed seven days per week from 07 :00.

After satisfying culinary vogue italian, tourists will endure out to the norton simon museum of art out to see the works of classical european art. when visiting pasadena out to coincide when using the celebration of one’s new year, visitors will witness the festival of roses pasadena and rose bowl game.

Visitors will keep along at the hotel best western pasadena inn, the pasadena inn hotel and therefore pasadena central travelodge hotel when visiting mi piace.

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