Taman Gili, Pemedal Supreme, and Kerta Gosa

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Taman_Gili_KlungkungKerta attraction Gosa and Taman Gili or Kambang Hall in former times is part of Puri Klungkung Semarapura built in the 17th century. In the west of the building there is a gate which is known as the Great Pemedal which is a major gateway Semarapura Puri.

The third building is in a historic area located in the heart of Semara temple, about 40 kilometers east of Denpasar. Not at all difficult to find this attraction. Once in Klungkung, you will find this building.

The third appeal of this building is part of the historical heritage of the kingdom of Klungkung with a beautiful ornament painting. Besides building Kerta Gosa and Taman Gili has a sky roof with ornate traditional Kamasan paintings are artistic, describing the philosophy of Hindu culture.

Taman Gili as a building with traditional Balinese architecture has the base form of ura-pndasi with giant tortoises. Above the parapet that surrounds the building, many statues of the gods on the one hand and the giants on the other, each group trying to get the water of life. Gili park serves as a tooth filing ceremony for sons and daughters of the king.

While Keta Gosa is a building that serves as a court. Therefore, painting the sky puppet listed in Gosa Kerta different from those in Taman Gili. Painting in Kerta Gosa describe the state of the spirit in the afterlife. Each soul be rewarded according to nature when they are still alive, as noted in the story of Bima Swarga.

And Pemedal Agung is residual traces of Klungkung royal palace splendor of the past. The palace was destroyed during the war against the Dutch. A devastating war known as the war bellows Klungkung in 1908.

Bellows Klungkungmonumen monument was built to commemorate and appreciate the warrior heroes who died in maintaining the dignity of the nation from the clutches of Dutch colonialism.

Klungkung Monument to the shape of phallus-yoni, built on an area of ​​123 square meters, is equipped with four hall staring at the corner of the page. At the bottom of the room there is a large phallus like a rectangular building with gate four directions of the compass.

The monument height from the base to the top of the phallus is 28 meters. While the building or basement with a phallus contained eight square domed buildings with flower lotus pedestal as many as 19.

In the room there is a monument diorama depicting the struggle of the king and the people of war bellows klungkung when it happened.

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