Sinking Cities Alert: 11 Places That Could Take a Dip by 2100

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Buckle up, folks! Climate change is throwing some serious waves, and it looks like 11 cities worldwide might be in for a submersion party by 2100, as predicted by the World Economic Forum (WEF). Jakarta, Indonesia, takes the lead on this watery list. Here’s the lowdown on 11 cities facing the flood:

Jakarta, Indonesia

Jakarta’s sinking—like, 6.7 inches every year—thanks to some excessive groundwater pumping. Brace yourselves; chunks of Jakarta might be doing the backstroke by 2050.

Lagos, Nigeria

Lagos’ coastline is on a disappearing act, and rising sea levels from global warming are threatening a flood fiesta. A 2012 study said a sea-level rise of 3-9 feet could really rain on Lagos’ parade.

Houston, Texas

Houston’s got a sinking feeling too, about 2 inches a year, thanks to some heavy groundwater pumping. Sink or swim, Houston’s getting cozy with disasters like Hurricane Harvey.

Dhaka, Bangladesh

With a 0.3% contribution to global emissions, Bangladesh is dealing with the big consequences of rising sea levels. Picture this: 17% of Bangladesh’s turf underwater, and about 18 million people grabbing life jackets by 2050.

Venice, Italy

Venice is doing the slow dance into the depths, sinking 0.08 inches every year. Italy tried to build the MOSE project, a fancy flood barrier, but the $6.5 billion masterpiece was still playing hard to get during the epic floods of 2018.

Virginia, USA

Virginia’s coasts are in a bit of a hurry to rise—fast. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration is throwing around numbers like a 12-foot sea-level rise by 2100.

Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok’s sinking faster than we can say “water wings” at over 1 centimeter per year. To dodge the flood, architects built a cool 11-hectare park that slurps up rain like a giant sponge—the Centenary Park of Chulalongkorn University.

New Orleans, Louisiana

NASA says parts of New Orleans are sinking about 2 inches a year, looking at a potential underwater debut by 2100.

Rotterdam, Netherlands

Rotterdam’s playing risky business, with about 90% below sea level. Rising sea levels got Rotterdam flexing its flood muscles, from the Room for the River project to some mega storm surge barriers.

Alexandria, Egypt

Alexandria’s shores are ghosting us with the rising sea levels. The Mediterranean Sea might be doing its own kind of rise, up to 2 feet by 2100.

Miami, Florida

Miami’s sea-level rise is on fast forward, causing floods, murky tap water, and serious home and road drama. Miami might need a style upgrade to keep its head above water.

While these cities do a tango with the threat of a watery fate, it’s a global call to action to tackle climate change and throw a lifeline to our coastal buddies.

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