Safe House When Vacation

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Padlock-red.svgGo traveling is one of the awaited moment during the holidays. The following tips will help secure homes during traveling.

For most people, traveling is a ritual that must be performed when holidays. No wonder when the holidays arrive, it is estimated the city will be left 25 percent of the population are going to travel to many different destinations. It causes a large housing complex in the city quite the arm when the holidays arrive.

If you want to go travel to far away places when the holiday, give more attention to the safety issues that will be left out, such as making a list of tasks that you should do before leaving for tour. For example, pull up to the gas cylinder hose to a neighbor’s pet care or pet daycare services.


Fire hazard may be caused by electrical short circuit, gas stove exploded, or due to human error such as candles, insect repellent, fireworks, cigarettes, and so on. Prevent fires caused by electrical short circuit to check the condition of electrical equipment used in the home, especially the relationship between cable. Avoid overlapping relationships outlet. If necessary, turn off the electricity before you go.

Check electrical wiring, especially in secret, to find out if there are electrical wires that are worn and chipped. Then just turn on a light point, such as street lighting, garden lights, patio lights, or lights the living room. You can also install automatic lights, so no need to bother turning on and off lights, street lights and especially the porch light.
Ask for help to the person who you believe, eg complex security officers or neighbors who do not go, to periodically check the electrical and lighting at home.

Gas stove

In addition to electricity, gas cookers must also be examined as a source of fire risk cause of the fire. Prevent this by always checking the condition of the gas tube, especially the gas regulator and hose distributor to prevent gas leakage. Always make sure the location of the gas cylinder has adequate ventilation holes, such as near a window.
To prevent fire caused by human error, you should secure objects that could cause a spark, such as candles, lighters, and firecrackers. No less important, provide a fire extinguisher or fire blanket in an easily accessible place.

Important Stuff

Objects and marketable securities, such as jewelry or a certification, should be stored in a safe place. If necessary, Leave in bank safety box. In addition to secure from the danger of theft, this action also avoids securities and valuables damaged by moisture or animals. Make sure important papers are neat and tightly wrapped before storing.


We often forget to turn off the water tap. Especially in the remote location of the observation, such as a garden or washing facilities. As a result, the water will come out wasted. So make sure that all taps are closed and there is no water dripping, and turn off the water pump or the drinking water network.


Trim kitchen utensils, such as plates, cups, spoons, frying pans, and so on. Then store in a drawer or shelf furnishings sealed and make sure no animals can get in.

Clean the refrigerator from perishable foods or smells. Only food or dry food ingredients that may be stored in the refrigerator. But, if you leave the house in a long time, it’s better just to empty the refrigerator and turn off the flow of electricity refrigerator.


Erratic weather change is expected to last until the end of the year. It means that the storm would likely still pass most of the territory. Therefore, make sure there are no holes in every corner of the house leaks. Including gaps that allow water to get into the house, especially when it rains. Also check the tile, shoulder, water or sewer pipes, as well as ceiling connection. If necessary, enlist the help of an expert to inspect the building and adding leak-proof coating material.

Pets Care

If you have a pet, should be left to a pet daycare or trustworthy person, so that you keep your beloved pet healthy and groomed. If the animal remains in the house, do not forget to prepare food and drinking water needs during the tour you go. And make sure the location of the animal enclosures are safe from water or fire.

Plant Care

If you are lover of plants, you should also pay attention to the fate of favorite plants when go on vacation. If possible you should ask for help to someone who you can trust to help care for these plants. At least to water the plants regularly.

Home Security

If you have more funds, there is no harm to installing an alarm or CCTV cameras at strategic points, such as the courtyard, bedroom, and family room. You can also hire security personnel at the complex or home security services company to help keep the house as long as you go on vacation.

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