Romantic Dinner in Vacone

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Candlelight_dinnersWould you like to feel each dinners, romantic, and unmolested noise from alternative visitors ? you are able to attempt a distinct restaurant referred to as solo per due. this restaurant is located in vacone, italy. the restaurant claimed that should be the smallest restaurant in the country.

Solo per due itself has that means merely for 2. just like the name implies, the restaurant is simply one table with 2 chairs. therefore the restaurant was solely serving 2 individuals utilizing a unmarried visit. the uniqueness in this restaurant happens to be the target of foreign tourists who would you like to expertise a distinct atmosphere, particularly for your own couples. other then it takes a large amount of effort and time out to acquire the power to eat in solo per due is though there can be no queue. as a result of there will be solely 1, 500 individuals were given the chance and really should be willing out to pay $ 335 out to return once.

Party claiming the restaurant makes dining a distinct plan like this as a result of i needed out to build an intimate dining atmosphere. visitors won’t be disturbed by others and aqcuire attention from all the waiters and cooks aren’t obtained elsewhere.

This restaurant is located in 19th century building, close to the ruins in an ancient villa residence famous latin poet named horatio. its location makes the planning of solo per due nuanced romance with fireplace, lamps and lovely chandeliers. the menu is presented conjointly made of natural ingredients from native sources are processed utilizing a home.

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