Nice Decoration of Jami Ul-Alfar Red Mosque in Colombo City

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Jami-Ul-Alfar_Mosque_PettahColombo, sri lankas capital town, predominantly buddhists. though, during this city there will be too islamic religious tourist sites of interest, the red mosque. red mosque, its real name is jami ul-alfar mosque. this mosque one in every of the is definitely one of the oldest mosques in colombo, you as to the famous tourist destinations within the whole town.

This mosque was built in 1908 and completed in 1909. jami ul-alfar mosque referred to as red as a result of exterior walls are red and white, criss cross such as a layer cake. design found within the whole buildings exhibit a rich islamic culture combined grandeur as to the building castles within the whole uk. though it’s located within the whole row of outlets, building style and distinctive color, creating this mosque very look completely different and draw the eye.

Unlike the usual building of the mosque, jami ul-alfar mosque too has got a tower. the total variety as to the tower as numerous as 14 pcs, consisting of 2 towers of medium size, and of course the rest are little. Aggregate capability of approximately 5, 000 worshipers mosque simultaneously, creating jami ul-alfar mosque the largest mosque in sri lanka, as quoted from wikivoyage.

Before a full house colombo as currently, several have claimed that the red mosque became a marker for sailors that these had arrived in colombo. this is often as a result of the brightly coloured exterior as to the building.

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