Museum of Love New York City, Buy Aphrodisiac Food Here !

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Not just china, the town of ny within the whole U.S. can also have an erotic museum. museum of love name. even the museum can be equipped by having bar or café that offers menus are pleasure arousing. intrigued in the kind of this museum ?

Museum of love is located at 233 fifth avenue, ny, usa. every year, the museum held an exhibition showing varied love positions. the museum too received an award within the whole exhibition how ny transformed love in america. this museum even has an advisory body consisting of consultants and historians.

Quoted coming from the official website of one’s museum of love, monday , the museum is barely intended for visitors who will be aged 18 years and more than. consultants for the museum has actually been guiding the visitors and help them to be able to perceive the varied collections and exhibitions here.

The museum has regarding a little over 15, 000 collection. the collection consists of works of art, photography, clothing and costumes, technological inventions. museum of love store varied collections that show the event of objects connected to actually love from chance to time. here the traveler will too venture directly into erotic art gallery.

Love museum was built in 2002 has continually held an exhibition. since 7 years ago, the museum of make love has held regarding 16 exhibitions and 5 virtual installations. not just as a result of its collection, the museum can be known for memimiliki oralfix bar.

Oralfix bar is famous for those food and beverages served an aphrodisiac. yes, all menus are offered during this cafe will arouse make love desire. the bar is located by the lower floor museum.

Not just that, the name of one’s food and beverages offered for the bar is equally sensual. for instance, to actually drink here presented menu sensational cocktails, sodas aphrodiac, jello shots, among others. there was food served like make love on one thing sandwiches and bars.

The museum too provides a special class adult visitors, regarding make love. a special class for the museum of love as pop his rocket and girlgasm. here too you can realize a store that sells love toys.

Travelers who will be on vacation or on any honeymoon to actually ny, could have reached this museum. museum of love is open sunday through thursday at 10 :00 to twenty :00 native time. meanwhile, on friday and saturday open from 10 :00 to actually 21 :00 pm native time.

For getting directly into museum of love, the adults charged admission for U.S. $ 17. 50. unlike the adult visitors, entrance for students and seniors pegged at U.S. $ 15. 25

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