Man Goes Wild on Plane: Smashes Toilet Door, Throws Punch at Flight Attendant

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So, picture this: chaos on a plane. One passenger just lost it in the bathroom and then started a scuffle with the cabin crew.

According to Vietnam Express on Monday (19/2/2024), a fellow passenger caught the whole thing on camera with her phone. This went down during a Thai Airways flight from Bangkok to London.

Somewhere in the middle of the flight, this guy, around 35 years old, goes into the bathroom. Then, out of nowhere, he starts yelling like crazy from inside.

Well, you can imagine how freaked out the other passengers were by his loud ranting. And then, get this, the guy decides to Hulk-smash the bathroom door until it’s in pieces.

Next thing you know, he struts out wearing nothing but his boxers. And instead of calming down like a normal person, he decides to throw a punch at one of the flight attendants.

Poor attendant goes down. But luckily, other passengers step up to try and calm the guy down. They manage to get him to the front seats and restrain him until he chills out.

Meanwhile, they move the kids to the back to keep them away from the drama.

This whole ordeal went down on February 7th. And when the plane landed at Heathrow Airport in London, the cops were waiting to drag the troublemaker off the plane.

Thankfully, no one got seriously hurt, but they did take the injured flight attendant and passengers to the hospital for a check-up.

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