Magic of Turkey, Half Europe and Asia

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Dashy_BosphorusCity of istanbul, turkey is located between 2 continents, namely asia and europe. it feels incomplete if you do in fact don’t visit as tourists are classified as the 2 areas and then judge the distinction. there will be variety of ways within which the tourists to check out the atmosphere in continents. one out of them usually is to wade in the bosphorus strait, that divides seas that beautiful region.

For ferry ride that surrounds the strait for 3 hours, we want the cash reached 3 turkish lirA. there will be variety of points wherein the ferry ride, but, will be the busiest within the golden horn. throughout the boat tour, we can see the beautiful architecture as to the town of istanbul. residential population within the hills combined with neat office building.

But, the foremost fascinating could be a row of historic places which can be found hundreds and even a large number of years. beginning from constantinople fortress, mosques, palaces to actually small. not surprisingly, a tour by boat across the bosphorus strait this will be the most widely chosen tactics to enjoy istanbul. travellers will see asia and europe direct from middle.

Strait that connects the black ocean and also the marmara ocean is indeed a special places since time immemorial. not surprisingly, the persians, the greeks, till the ottoman empire scramble to actually occupy the region.

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