Leninsky Gory or Vorobyovy Gory Travel Guide Review

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Vorobyovy_Gory_Metro_Station_in_MoscowIf you want to see the Stalin era skyscraper known as the Seven Sisters, come to Varobyovy Gory, or formerly known as Leninsky Gory or Lenin HILL. From the height of the hill, one of the splendor of the Seven Sisters buildings are now used for the Moscow University MGU seen clearly.

Walking with a breath of fresh air in Vorobiyovy Gory quite enjoyable.Hilly land contours as if you’re climbing mountains carrying away from the hustle of the city.The highest hill is located in the city of Moscow. Relatively close to the city compared to Tsaritsino and Kolomenskoe.Shady protected forest is located in the middle of the city.Perhaps this is called balance. Moscow is crowded with motor vehicles every day is certainly not free from pollution. Garden in the city center that shade will help clean the air that is inhaled city dwellers.

In the middle of the forest Lenin, still life various protected animals that should not be disturbed. They are free to live and co-exist with the tourists. At the bottom of the hill, seen flowing meandering Moscow River.

Traders souvenirs along the way also enlivened the hill. almost every day did not stop a group of tourists to visit and enjoy the beautiful city from the hill. to be able to go to this place, you can ride on the metro and exit in Vorobiyovy Gory station or Universitet.

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