Lampuuk Beach, The Kuta of Aceh

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Batu_Putih_Beach_MeulabohSunbathing upon the beach, play banana boat, surfing, too clearly as the usual tourist diving whereas on vacation out to bali. though, you’ll conjointly do this fun activity with the kuta beach acehnese, namely lampuuk beach. curious ?

Compiled asiafreetravel, thursday. lampuuk beach is located upon the west coast of aceh, approximately below 20 km coming from the town of banda aceh. this beach has white sand and beautiful wave that would be good according to your needs who intend to surf.

For individuals persons who don’t surf, accessible saung saung upon the beach out to relax with family. you’ll eat a kind of grilled fish and coconut ice whereas enjoying the atmosphere of one’s beach with mountains within the whole background that enhances the beauty of one’s beach lampuuk. you’ll conjointly enjoy a contemporary breeze down the coast. finish lampuuk beach directly adjacent out to the steep high cliffs. if you do in fact dare, you’ll attempt rock climbing activities are usually held native community of nature lovers.

Along the coast there might be silent witnesses of one’s 2004 tsunami a magnificent mosque. and that is now used being a mosque tsunami monument is that the merely building that remains intact when hit by your tsunami. indeed, whenever the tsunami hit this place was in ruins and was closed temporarily for recreation. though, after doing construction and repairs, then a location could be a beautiful beach lampuuk back.

Limpuuk beach, you’ll get a little over kuta beach have. here you’ll join with native residents travel ridley turtle conservation and endangered leatherback turtles that began its existence. whenever the afternoon before sunset, beach scenery is additionally amazing. red sunlight bouncing perfectly upon the ocean beach lampuuk. longer wish out to benefit from the beach ? lodging is accessible according to your needs.

Possibly merely in lampuuk beach you are able to do surfing, rock climbing, too as help preserve the turtles right away.

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