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JR_Kyushu_Kiha_71_Series_DMU_Yufuin-no-mori_InteriorJapanese society is generally known as creative individuals. traveling to firmly this sakura, travellers will realize cafes that resemble train. fitting according to your needs who will be keen on trains. as founded from cnn travel, wednesday. there could be some cafes in japan who had visited the train enthusiast :


Consequent cafe too visited the busy train enthusiast is kiha. the cafe is located in horidomecho 1-6-11, chuo-ku. there could be 2 fascinating things from kiha and ought to be known from the visitors. first, the highest 2 floors made to firmly resemble the tokyo subway, complete with ads, grip the pole, emergency decision button, and therefore the shelves. kiha is the only real place with food served utilizing a tin utilizing a glass of sake. exciting right ?

Ginza Panorama

Ginza panorama happens to be the first cafe you’ll be able to go. here, visitors will enjoy a drink accompanied by toy train that runs on rails. yes, this bar was deliberately place the toy train complete with rails to firmly entertain visitors. as a result of the orders table is made with electronic tracks, visitors will watch the toy train that runs whereas drinking their cocktails. not just that, they will too will see the 700 model train will be that could be purchased.

This cafe is really providing a typical menu, like beer, wine, as well as a liquor. even so you too will too be tempted utilizing a cocktail from the name of romance car. if interested, you’ll be able to return directly to firmly hachikan ginza building 8 / f, ginza.

Mini Little TGV

Consequent place is very little tgv is located in akihabara, precisely isamiyadai 3 building 4 / f, sotokanda 3-10-5, chiyoda-ku. there, visitors will certainly be served by uniformed waiters beautiful girl conductor. the walls are lined with photos of trains.

If you would like to learn relating to the which means of one’s photographs, the waiters will certainly be willing to firmly tell. not presenting a cafe atmosphere like the train, very little tgv too providing food and beverages with fascinating photographs. one happens to be the menu all-you-can-eat-eat alias.

Steam Locomotive Cafe and Bar

Unlike alternative cafes typically provide alcoholic beverages, at cafe & bar steam locomotive train lovers will enjoy the whole thing while not alcoholic beverages. this cafe will even visited by visitors of all ages.

Located throughout the ground floor relevant to an office building in yurakucho, this place is a lot of suitable and get a low throughout lunch break. this cafe is dominated by a significant model train display that includes a number of tracks and recreational areas like tokyo tower.

Mistral Bleu

Mistral bleu is typically referred to actually just like the railway bar. not just currently being a gathering place for train lovers, the place was in roppongi can be made direct from train.

Additionally to actually enjoying the atmosphere like inside the train, visitors will just be entertained with the use of a style of international currencies. you might want to see the whole thing during the walls and ceiling. Then, where you wish the cafe to actually go ?

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