Japan Blocking Views of Mount Fuji for Tourists

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Japan is saying, “Enough is enough!” Turns out, they’ve had it up to here with tourists flooding a famous Mount Fuji lookout spot, and they’re taking action. They’ve slapped up some big mesh barriers to stop folks from snapping endless photos on Tuesday, May 21, 2024.

So, what’s the big deal? Well, it seems tourists, especially the ones from abroad, are being a bit, uh, let’s say, careless. From leaving trash everywhere to wandering into places they shouldn’t and even ignoring traffic rules just to get that perfect Instagram shot, locals are pretty fed up with the chaos.

Why the blockade? Well, the locals have had it with all the shenanigans. They’re tired of tourists lighting up where they shouldn’t, clogging up the sidewalks, and parking wherever they please.

So, they’ve gone and put up these massive black mesh barriers, hoping it’ll put a lid on all the crazy behavior.

Now, not everyone’s thrilled about it. Take Christina Roys, a tourist from New Zealand, for example. She’s bummed they’re blocking the mountain view, but hey, she gets it. She figures it’s for the best, what with all the traffic buzzing around.

Meanwhile, the local bigwigs are worried about the environment getting trashed with all the extra foot traffic. Mount Fuji used to be this serene pilgrimage spot, you know?

Over in the Fuji Dream Bridge area, folks are feeling the squeeze from all the tourist traffic too. But hey, tour operators are trying to help out by sending folks to other Lawson stores with fewer people, where they can still get a sweet view of the mountain without all the hassle.

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