Japan Ban Foreigners Visiting Kyoto’s Gion Geisha District from 2024 Onwards

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Japan’s like, “Sorry, no can do,” when it comes to foreign tourists checking out the Geisha District. Why? ‘Cause it’s been a tourist hotspot for folks wanting to peep at and snap pics of Geisha. Problem is, some tourists are a bit too pushy, kinda ruining the vibe for the Geisha.

Geisha gals? You know, the ones in fancy kimonos, rocking thick white makeup and traditional hairpins, strolling from one teahouse to another.

But now, Japan’s putting its foot down, banning tourists from hitting certain streets, especially the popular Geisha District in Kyoto. This rule kicks in this year, 2024.

But why the hard no? Well, seems tourists have been bothering these women, snapping pics without asking, like paparazzi.

So, authorities put up signs in April, warning tourists to steer clear of Geisha-owned streets.

The rules? Written in Japanese and English, saying, “Private street, keep out!” Anyone who ignores it faces a fine of 10,000 yen or USD 70.

Oh, and FYI, tourists usually flock to the narrow, old streets of Gion, sometimes tagging along with guides, who yak on about interesting stuff.

Gion’s a big deal, with its twisty alleys, temples, gardens, and cool teahouses. It’s where Geisha and Maiko apprentices strut their stuff in kimonos and fancy hair stuff, showing off dances and music.

And yeah, tourists love snapping pics, hoping to catch these women on their way to dance class or swanky dinner parties.

Meanwhile, the number of foreigners visiting Japan shot up 79.5 percent in January compared to last year, hitting about 2.69 million, almost back to 2019 levels.

Most came from South Korea, followed by Taiwan and China, according to Kyodo news agency.

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