Illegal Hikers Beware: You Could Be Blacklisted from All Indonesian Mountains for 5 Years

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Thinking about sneaking up a mountain without permission? Think again! Not only is illegal hiking dangerous, but it can also get you blacklisted from climbing any mountain in Indonesia for five years.

Illegal hiking can be tempting for some, but it puts everyone at risk. Hikers who aren’t registered miss out on important safety measures, like insurance and assistance if something goes wrong, like getting lost. Unregistered hikers don’t receive the same immediate help as those who follow the official routes because their names aren’t on any official lists.

Due to these risks, authorities take illegal hiking very seriously. If you’re caught, you could face a five-year ban from hiking any mountain in Indonesia.

When a hiker is caught illegally climbing a specific mountain, that information is shared with the management of other mountains across the country. But beyond just a blacklist, there’s an even more effective deterrent: social shaming.

Social shaming works better because we spread the news on social media. It means they’ll feel embarrassed.

A blacklist might stop someone from officially hiking, but they could still try to sneak in again. Social shaming, on the other hand, can be a powerful deterrent.

When hikers register properly, they get access to all the necessary rules and regulations, helping them avoid these penalties in the first place.

In the online booking app, there are rules and penalties listed. Every hiker is required to read the rules before filling out their information. So, they know exactly what to expect, including the consequences for breaking the rules.

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