Hotel Stars Unveiled: Choose Your Cozy Nest!

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Wondering about hotel stars and what they really mean? Well, the number of stars a hotel flaunts tells a lot about the goodies it offers. There’s a star for everyone – from budget bunkers to fancy nests. Let’s dive into the star-studded world of hotels, from 1 to 5!

1-Star Stay

Picture a 1-star hotel like a cozy hideout with one room type—AC, not guaranteed. Here’s the lowdown:

  • At least 15 snug rooms
  • Bathrooms inside
  • Roomy standard digs, minimum 20 m2.

2-Star Hangout

A 2-star joint is a bit fancier—neat and tidy, plus a restaurant, bar, and sports zone. Check it out:

  • Minimum 20 standard retreats
  • At least 1 suite escape
  • Bathroom included
  • Standard space of 22 m2
  • Suite spot of 44 m2.

3-Star Chill Spot

Up the game with a 3-star haven. Think sports, spas, and stylish lobbies—perfect for adventures:

  • Minimum 30 standard pads
  • Minimum 2 suite lairs
  • Bathroom perks
  • Standard comfort of 24 m2
  • Suite life of 48 m2.

4-Star Comfort Zone

Get comfy in a 4-star hub with pros at your service and ample space for all. The deets:

  • At least 50 standard cribs
  • Minimum 3 suite sanctuaries
  • Bathroom delights
  • Standard chill zone of 24 m2
  • Suite retreat of 48 m2.

5-Star Luxury Den

Now, if luxury is your game, a 5-star spot is your playground. Welcome drinks, top-notch beds, and room service magic:

  • A whopping 100 standard hideouts
  • At least 4 suite heavens
  • En-suite dreams
  • Spacious standard living, minimum 26 m2
  • Suite dreams of 52 m2.

So, what’s your starry-eyed stay of choice? Time to pick your stellar adventure!

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