Holiday in Gunung Agung and Pura Besakih

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Pura_BesakihMount Agung is the highest mountain in Bali. Balinese society of mayikini that this mountain is a sacred place, where the gods dwell. Gunung Agung is a mountain that is still active on the island of Bali. The last eruption occurred in 1963 which resulted in the destruction, especially in Karangasem regency, on the mountain side which has an altitude of 3014 meters, there are Pura Besakih, a biggest temple complex in Bali. Attraction majestic mountains is a very interesting adventure.

Pura Besakih

Besakih Temple is a temple complex consists of 18 major temples and a temple. Besakih Temple is a temple complex that is central to the activities of the entire temple in Bali. Located about 70 kilometers from Denpasar city. This temple complex stretches across an area of ​​three square kilometers facing west towards the sea. Almost all visitors lost sense of direction here. Usually they thought Besakih complex is facing towards the south.

Besakih Temple was founded by the sage Markandeya, a brahmin who first spread the teachings of Hindu in Bali. At that time, Markandeya meditated on Mount Hyang. He got an order to penetrate the forest on the eastern end of Java. When the Java and Bali is still a land that has not been separated by the sea.

Once you arrive at the destination, prior to doing the work, held a ceremony Markandeya. Markandeya bury a jar of gold, silver, copper, iron, and bronze along with the major gems, water, and offerings. The pitcher then doused with holy water. By him, a place where it is grown means basuki named which means congratulations. After that, no problems penetrating the forest. Open land that they produce and then distributed to the followers to be rice and housing. And, the region was renamed by Basuki village now known as Besakih.

Pura Besakih complex

Pura Intersection

Temple located east of the main road, in a remote places. This temple is a haven when returning from melestati or sacred ceremony on the beach Kelotok, Klungkung.

Pura Dalem Puri

This temple is located at the southernmost tip of the complex Pura Besakih. To reach this temple, on the highway you must walk about 300 meters to the north and then turned west on a corner. This temple is a place of worship of goddess Durga. Around Pura Dalem Puri there are vast terrain called Tegal Panangsaran.

Pura Manik Mas

This temple is a place of worship of the Goddess Earth. In the first place both Hindus pray for physical and spiritual scriptures before prayers at the Great Penataran. According to the story, in the past the king to Pura Besakih on horseback. In the south Pura Manik Mas them off the horse, praying in the temple, and then went on to the Great Penataran on foot.

Build Sakti temple

This temple is a place of worship which is a symbol Triantabhoga protective earth.

Ulun Kulkul

Ulun Kulkul is a place of worship Hyang Mahadeva. A large kulkul contained in this temple and as most major kulkul and glorious than all kulkul in Bali. Until now, the villagers in Bali still using kulkul as a communication tool for collect citizens. Every banjar makes new kulkul, using holy water in this temple to cleanse kulkul the inner power that had so obeyed by the people.

Pura Merajan Selonding

In the north there is Pura Ulun Kulkul Merajan Selonding. This temple is the first temple of King Dalem Kesari family Warmadewa expected’ve got castles in Besakih called Earth Kuripan. Ejection King Purana Besakih and the ancient gamelan Selonding kept in this temple. Selonding is a forerunner to music of Bali.

Pura Goa

In the north Pura Manik Mas, east of Pura Goa highway there is a palace Hyang Basuki Naga. In the east of the temple, there are rivers and large caves in the cliffs there. But now the cave has been buried by landslides. Mernurut story, it breaks down to the cave Pura Goa Lawah located in the east coast of Klungkung.

Pura Banua

Banua temple located east of the highway near the vehicle parking area. This temple is a place of worship Dewi Sri, the ruler of prosperity natural results.

Pura Merajan Kanginan

Located to the east of Pura Banua. This temple is a place of worship of Lord Sedana hair. Authorities such as property and objects prosperity.

Pura Hyang Galuh or Jenggala

In this temple there are some ancient stone sculptures like a sage, eagle, and other sacred. A lot of confidence about this temple. Some say the palace Hyang Prajapati, some say the imprisoned former Dyah Kulputih, then it should say as a place of worship of Lord toss or ruling the market.

Pura Basukihan

In the Markandeya temple and offerings pancadatu plant when you first open the stomach of land in the great mountain. This temple is one of the three main temples temples into heaven are scattered throughout the village in Bali. Two other temples are Penataran and Pura Dalem Puri Agung.

Pura Agung Penataran

This temple is the main temple of Pura Besakih complex. In this temple there padmatiga which means worship the Lord in the form of Sang Hyang Tri Purusa. Purusa means soul or life. God as the soul of Bhur Loka called Shiva, the soul Bhuwah called Sada Shiva and the soul of Swah called Parama Shiva Loka.

To get into the temple you have to pass through a large gate with more than a hundred stairs. This gate facing northwest, just opposite gate Uluwatu Temple located at the southwestern tip of Bali which was also built by Markandeya. According ejection King Purana Besakih, Pura Agung Besakih Upgrading is a gathering place for all gods.

Pura Batu Madeg

To get to the temple you have to walk to the southwest. This temple is a place of worship of Lord Wisni, the manifestation of God as a protector of the universe. In this temple people ask if you want to make the safety of large dams and begged them always fertile rice fields.

All attributes in the building of this temple is black. Because it is secluded from the main road, not many tourists who visit this great temple.

Pura Batu Kiduling Kreteg

Located in the southern Great Penataran, through the trail and crossed the dry river. This temple is a place of worship of Lord Brahma, mainfestasi God as creator of the universe. All attributes temple building in red.

Nearly equal to the Pura Batu Madeg, because the location of the temple is away from the main road, not many tourists who visit this great temple.

Pura Gelap

To reach the temple you have to walk uphill in the next Great Penataran. This temple is a place of worship of Lord Iswara, giver of peace of mind and well-being. All attributes in the building of this temple is white. Because pretty much uphill, mostly discouraged travelers visit this great temple.

Pura Pengubengan

This temple is located in the highest area. To reach the temple you have to walk about 30 minutes the fastest. This temple is believed to be the meeting place of the gods before gathering in the Great Penataran time held a large ceremony.

Hindu community who dedicate offerings to the summit of Mount Agung but was unable to climb, make offerings through this Pengubengan temple. Due to its high location, the landscape of this temple looks very beautiful Bali. Even so, not many tourists who have the time to visit this temple.

Stone Pura Tirtha

Located adjacent to the temple Pengubengan Approximately 10 minutes normal way. In this temple there is a holy water source is used in a large ceremony at the Pura Besakih temple or in the rest of Bali.

Pura Batu Peninjoan

This temple adjacent to Pura Batu Madeg. To reach the temple you have to walk through a small road through the valley and along the edge of a dry river. Fastest journey about 25 minutes. In this temple, formerly professor Kuturan, pastor who came to Bali after Markandeya, reviewing the Village area Besakih Pura Besakih for plan development. In this place the professor Kuturan do meditation every come to Besakih. Masters Kuturan an ordinance making the construction of temples and housing which is still used by the Hindu community in Bali.

From Pura Peninjoan, all shrines in Great Penataran can be seen clearly. Likewise, the mainland coast and the southern part of the island is very beautiful.

Finish info on temples in Besakih complex. Pura Besakih is also a symbol of the universe consisting of Soring-carpet carpet and carpet-carpet Luhuring.

Temple into the category of carpet Soring is Pesimpangan Pura, Pura Build Sakti, Pura Manik Mas, chopping Selonding Pura, Pura Hair Sedana, Pura Goa King, Pura Dalem Puri, Pura Banua, Besukian Pura, Pura Jenggala, and Pura Merajan Kanginan.

Temple Luhuring categorized carpet is carpet-Penataran Besakih, Pura Dark, Pura Batu Madeg, Ulun Kulkul, Pura Kiduling Kreteg, Peninjoan Pura, Pura Tirtha, Pura Pasar Agung, and Pura Pengubengan.

Transport Towards Pura Besakih

If you stay in Kuta, first you use the car passed the road to Sanur, then head through the Klungkung By Pass road. At the junction Klotok Beach, turn left towards the town of Klungkung. Continued to follow the great road to the north, about an hour from the center of Klungkung town you will arrive at Besakih. If from kuta, travel roughly around 3 hours.

Besakih Tour

An easy way to organize the trip is to use the services of a travel agency. Many are willing to pick up tourist transportation to the hotel where you are staying in Kuta, Seminyak, Legian, Nusa Dua, Sanur and then escort you to Besakih. They will pick up in the morning, drive to Pura Besakih, then took silver center stop by on the way home to get back to the hotel. Travel expenses depending on travel agents. But usually you need to provide the least amount of money Rp450.000.


To respect local customs, during his visit to Pura Besakih, you should use the clothing neatly with fabric and scarves. By guards, you are not allowed to enter the temple with a vest, tank top, bikini, mini skirt, or the like. If you forget to bring fabric and scarves, you can hire at the rental place is located not far from the entrance. Because holy places, women who are menstruating are not allowed in.

For travelers, Pura Besakih complex is opened from 08.00 to 17.00. but if you come up with the friend Bali, Pura Besakih is open 24 hours for you.

The price of admission to the complex Pura Besakih is 7,000, plus 3,000 rupiah if bringing a car. If you must bring photo cameras and video cameras to pay Rp1.500 sebsar Rp.2.500.

If you are visiting alone, the tour guide will be approached and offered to accompany around the temple complex. They are a local resident was usually charge between Rp 10,000 to Rp 30,000. therefore, if you have a friend of the Balinese, better ask him to accompany you because you will get there easily.

Accommodation in Pura Besakih

Outside the temple you will find many people who sell food and miuman. But the prices are usually a little more expensive in this area. Along the main road, in between the craft store, you can easily find a variety of food stalls with menus.

If you’re the type of traveler who likes adventure and came too late to Pura Besakih, you can stay at a nearby hotel ie Hotel Valley Arca which is located on the road between handling bookin and Besakih. The hotel has two bungalows at affordable price.

Besakih in the village there are also some Guest House, but it is very simple. Like most houses in Bali. If you’re visiting with friends and people of Bali to stay at the temple area, you have to prepare thick and warm clothes. Because the air is very cold when night Besakih.

Travel Tips to Pura Besakih

If you do not have time to visit all the beauty of the Pura Besakih, you can visit a favorite place for visitors with beautiful views like Basukian Pura, Pura Dark, Penataran Agung, and Pura Batu Madeg.

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