Holiday in Beautiful Moscow Parks

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Moscow_park_TrubetskyAlthough Moscow dense population, there are many parks and dense forests in the city center.The above services are also communist era, the Russian capital now has many beautiful parks and beautiful, comfortable resting place, both inside and on the outskirts of the city. Not infrequently the park built beside the museum so as to form a harmonious mix and elegant.

In order for natural shades, a relatively small garden is always equipped with an artificial lake and a jogging track.Although found in various corners of Moscow, is guaranteed in the summer all the places that will be filled by someone.There are sunbathing, bathing in the lake, playing with children, reading a book while sun bathing, or just sit and relax by the lake.

Tsaritsino Park

Tsaritsino park is located in the suburbs of Moscow, 21 km south of Moscow. This park is very easy to reach by metro. About five minutes walk from Tsaritsino Station, tourists will see the vast expanse of beautiful gardens.Once inside the park, look at the top of the magnificent palace height. There is also a fountain that follows the rhythm of Musi. In May, as far as the eye memadang carpet stretched tulips decorate the garden.Assorted colors and patterns all presented with such beautiful Keukenhof Tulip Gardens in the Netherlands.

On the back of the palace, lies protected forests with tall trees that ridnang. Many visitors are happy to walk through the woods. Do not worry about fatigue in the middle of the road, park benches scattered in every corner.If you are tired, just sit down for a break.

Parks of Tsaritsino is the resting place of Queen Ekatrina summer II. But since made, the palace has never functioned. Palace renovated and completed in 2007 and is now used as a museum. Very subtle blend of modern classics in buildings and museum collections. Come to the park is like visiting the beautiful parks in Western Europe.If you want to go to the park Tsaritsino, you can just ride the metro station and exit at Tsaritsino.

Kolomenskoe Parks

The park is located not far from the park Tsaritsino. To go to this park, you can ride the metro and out in Kolomenskaya Station, then walk about ten minutes.

Kolomenskoe garden spruced up with the flow of the river Moscow. It is located at a height so that you can see the entire city of Moscow. In place of this traditional celebration to welcome the Russian spring known as Maslenitsa held, usually in late February and early March.

In it, the snow still blanketed the city, people began partying to welcome spring and say farewell to winter so long.Symbol warmth in the people’s party round a typical food binyi yellowish which is a symbol of the sun which would irradiate the Russian state and bring warmth.These foods you must try when visiting the Maslenitsa celebration. Towards this place, you can just ride the metro and get off at the station Kolomenskaya.

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