Hitsujiyama Flower Festival, The Beautiful Pink Ocean Japanese Party

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Enjoy ocean of colorful flowers in japan, in fact, terribly tempting. to actually get a beautiful read of one’s maximum strive to actually are available in april.

As so much clearly as the eye will see is only a stretch of hills that look pink. its beautiful. this shibazakura ocean and that is a beautiful flower with hanging colours like magenta, pink, and white.

Its a whole lot of tourists who come back to actually relish the beauty with this park. from april to actually may. travelers coming as a result of thats in the event the flowers are blooming therefore beautifully shibazakura. one place to actually see the beauty is in hitsujiyama park, chichibu town, japan. similarly, as reported amusing planet, sunday ( 03/10/2013 ).

Inside the slopes of mount hitsujiyama, there will be approximately four hundred, 000 shibazakura with eight totally different species that lies during this place. as a colorful carpets, hillsides stuffed with pink, purple, and white.

Not merely will see it, tourists will walk among the beautiful flowers by treading the trail winding. guaranteed, travelers won’t regret visiting this place.

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