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Mother town of vietnam, hanoi, famous for having many museums that could satisfy lovers of history. one on your not as being missed will be the war remnants museum.

Formerly referred to as the museum of chinese and american war crimes, war remnants museum will be the preferred in hcmc. museum that opened in 1975, exhibiting periods on your vietnam war.

The museum is known for spreading propaganda against the us across the collections and dioramas war. collections during this museum, among alternative military equipment, photographs and dioramas as soon as the vietnam war occurred in 1961-1975.

The museum isn’t solely illustrate the dark history of vietnam and therefore the us within the war, but in addition tell foreigners exactly what may not grasp in regards to the war. seen a great deal of tourists that dreamy time gazing the photos during this museum.

This museum does additional shows how cruel america at war in vietnam, with pictures of weapons designed to attack the land of uncle sam. plus, photos of civilians wounded and killed innocent though, creating the atmosphere tense feel in it.

Even therefore, no matter your views upon the vietnam war, the museum have to be visited. the museum is located within the center of hcmc, and simply accessible by foot direct from ben thanh market, and that is located within the town center.

Museum featuring tanks, artillery, and alternative weapons on the skin on your museum is open daily from 07 :30 out to 17 :00. the entry ticket value is quite cheap, and that is 15000 vietnamese dong.

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