Glass Igloo of Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort, Finland Aurora Borealis

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Photo by Tarja Mitrovic
Photo by Tarja Mitrovic

Aurora Borealis is a beautiful scenery that can only be found in the North Pole. But if you want to see the Aurora Borealis, you don’t have to go to the north pole. In Finland, you can find this amazing view. If you want to sleep accompanied by a view of the Aurora Borealis, Kakslauttanen might be attractive destinations in Finland. This Hotel is located in the Urho Kekkonen National Park area which is have very scenic and beautiful. Vast views of the trees and the cool air without pollution will refresh your mind.

There are about a couple of rooms and glass igloo houses supplied to stay at Kakslauttanen. In each room, equipped with a transparent sky made from thermal glass. So you can sleep while enjoying the incredible views of the sky in the night from the room. Views of the northern lights is that you can see every night and occur throughout the year.

Every room in the house is very warm and cozy because igloo building materials made from wood and glass, not ice. In addition to soft beds and toilets are convenient. Facilities provided by the Kakslauttanen hotel is also very complete. In here you will find a ice gallery, snow restaurant, an ice bar, and the biggest sauna in the world. For couples who wish to marry in a different way, is also available church for weddings named Ice Chapel.

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