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KungsträdgårdenAlthough the average tourist attractions in Stockholm use admission fee, does not mean you can not walk the streets of Stockholm with a limited budget. Public parks, building medieval architecture, bustling roads impassable tourists and residents of the city, all of them can be enjoyed free of charge. Here are some places that can be visited and still saving for in Stockholm.

Kungstradgarden and A Taste of Stockholm

Kungstradgarden or Kings Garden is a park located in downtown Stockholm. Strategic position makes this place often used as the Stockholm meet point. Kungstradgarden also equipped with restaurants, cafes, and views of the building with modern architecture that surrounds the park. Kungstradgarden scenery is always different every season.

In winter, the lake is located in this park will be frozen and used as ice-skating rink. Very romantic atmosphere in kungstardgarden. Ice skating rink decorated with dim yellow light, while the frozen ice on the lake was given a touch of light blue green shades. Yellow light makes the air feel warmer Stockholm though some point seen snow everywhere.

To sight in the spring, the trees that stood along the lake Kungstardgarden flowering perfectly. Cherry blossom and pink dominate this place. Kungstradgarden is planted with rows of cherry blossom trees, inhaling the sweet scent of cherry, looking at the calm lake especially with someone dear is very enjoyable.

How about the summer? The entire lake will be dried and used as a venue event A Taste of Stockholm for a full week on the first week of June. If event A Taste of Stockholm is complete, you will definitely find this place will definitely be a place to bask. Stockholm each community to meet with the sunshine always wanted to direct sun. Very unique view of people sunbathing with views of the lake was drained.

I was fortunate to visit Stockholm in early June so as to feel the atmosphere Kungstradgarden summer while participating in the festival A Taste of Stockholm. Turns Kungstradgarden filled with flocks of people. Want to be fairly difficult to walk, let alone find an empty table to eat. Lake in the middle of the park is usually filled with water now changed by hundreds of people who sit back and relax while enjoying the food and sunshine. Everyone in Stockholm seems out to greet the sun in the summer. It turned out this kind of behavior when meeting the Stockholm sun.

Tents selling food and drinks scattered in various parts of Kungstradgarden. From the name of the food they sell, I can see this festival not only enlivened with various Swedish food, Asian food can also be found easily. A Taste of Stockholm is a great event to learn the culture and taste the culinary Stockholm. The first day in Stockholm I also tried one of the country’s cuisine. My spirit immediately said when I saw the price on display. I am still adjusting to the expensiveness Sweden immediately shocked to read that the price displayed in the menu list.

Fried potato prices ranging from 40 SEK, Fish and Chips is a popular food sold there starting price of 75 SEK, and a glass beer prices ranging from 25 SEK. I finally chose Stromming knacke pa, then fermented herring eaten with bread or crisp berad / dry cracker. Both Stromming and knacke both typical Swedish food. This food display is quite simple, crusty bread stacked with fermented herring, then given a sprinkling of sliced ​​onion and leek. Sour taste and pungent smell of fermented fish typical tongue and nose immediately greeted me at the first bite. The dominant flavor of Stromming just very acidic and sour, there is no sensation other than acid Raas. Not to mention the pungent smell of fish. After Stromming pa knacke at the plate out, my tongue became numb.

On the sidelines of the talks with a friend, a father came to our table and asked what he should take his empty beer glass. Not long after came a small boy who asked for our empty glasses. Why is everyone racing to collect used glass?

It turns out one glass of 5 krona appreciated if returned to one of the tents selling A Taste of Stockholm. Thus, the price of beer sold here plus the price of a glass deposit that is equal to 20 SEK for early bird 5 SEK for glasses. Return the empty glass of beer to one of the tents selling if you want to get back the deposit 5 SEK. Way it is applied to keep the environment clean Kungstradggarden for A Taste of Stockholm took place.

Not all tourists know about that rule, so usually they let the glass remain on the table or throw it into the trash glass. Empty glass eventually became mine money for anyone who knows the rules earlier. It turned out that the reason everyone crowded over the profession into a glass collector.

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