Flight attendants remind passengers to eat before boarding the plane, why?

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Hey there, flyers! If you’re hopping on a plane anytime soon, here’s a tip straight from a flight attendant: eat before you board!

A flight attendant recently posted a reminder after a passenger fell ill on flight. The guy was shivering and feeling super cold even before takeoff. A doctor on the plane checked him out, paramedics were called, and it turned out he wasn’t fit to fly that day.

Turns out, the guy hadn’t eaten a single bite all day. Oops! This kind of mistake happens a lot, according to Mirror.

It’s super important to eat and drink up on travel days. Flying on an empty stomach and not staying hydrated can really mess with you up in the air.

Flying Can Dehydrate You

London Gatwick Airport says flying often makes people feel dehydrated.

The air pressure in the cabin during flights can dry you out, so make sure to drink lots of water and fruit juice. Skip the booze, soda, or anything caffeinated, too.

Eat Before You Fly

Turkish Airlines suggests having at least one meal with fruits and veggies before your flight. They say it helps prevent bloating from the cabin pressure changes.

On long flights, the pressure changes can mess with your health. The cabin air pressure is lower than on the ground, so as it drops during the flight, gases in your body start to expand. That can make your stomach or digestion feel funky.

So, next time you’re heading to the skies, remember: fuel up and hydrate for a smoother ride. Happy flying!

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