Fantastic View of Stockholm from Skeppsbron

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Skeppsbron_buildingsAt the end of Gamla Stan, the hall last time I drove out from ranks of the old building, I find a highway right next to the waters of Stockholm. Skeppsbron like backyard Gamla Stan, here seen from the rear building line of Gamla Stan with antique buildings and pastel colors. Some Gamla Stan narrow hallway leads directly into this place and creates a hole in the medieval building.

After seeing Gamla Stan from behind, I was also able to see the front page of the Royal Palace, and all the front of the palace building Skeppsbron Road. Compared to the back of the palace that I saw while in Gamla Stan, the front page looks more majestic Royal Palace though still showing a simple impression. A guard observing the behavior of the busy I enshrine beauty Royal Palace with the camera. Still not satisfied admire the Royal Palace, I finally decided to relax on one of the benches dock. While I stared at the palace buildings containing 608 rooms and think, how kalu playing hide and seek in the Royal Palace can last up to how many days?

Skeppsbron Stockholm also has water views adorned with clear blue water and a private yacht were leaning gulls were captured. Salty smell a faint smell typical port and a cold wind blew gently able to shift my view of the Royal Palace to the dock Skeppsbron. Sight there is no less admirable than antic buildings in Gamla Stan or the Royal Palace.

Across the waters lined Skeppsbron other important buildings in Stockholm, such as the National Museum, Grand Hotel, and do not miss the ship Af Chapman. Skeppsholmen island visible from Skeppsbron also offers beautiful views of the forest and a row of several antique buildings that make this island Gated yellowish glow seen from where I was sitting.

Fantastic views of both sides from Skeppsbron made me forget the piercing cold as the night the day. In fact, the burning passion I walked back to the island of Skeppsholmen is located across Skeppsbron. I have a special reason to come to the island. After passing two bridges, I finally reached the last bridge to the island of Skeppsholmen. The bridge was decorated with a large crown that is often used as the object image in the world tourism Stockholm. Would really lose if I do not stop by and take pictures with the crown.

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