Creating Tattoos in Bali

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TATTOO-MACHINESometimes you want in this life there is also something else. If monotonous, dull taste. As there is no surge or shock may be a marker of the phase of our lives. many ways in order to mark a particular phase in life. There are three peaks challenge at the same time, there are desperate to try out audition idol contest though can not sing at all, and many more unique levels for others does not make sense. Want the chance to holiday in Bali. Try a unique activity that can provide such a spike is not forgotten in life. You can try bungy jumping, sea walker, slingshot, or make a tattoo.

In Bali, especially in Kuta, many studies can tattoo tattooing your body parts with high artistic touch. One example is the Ganges Kirana Tattoo Studio located near Apache Bar, minimart across the Legian Street, right next to the parking area of ​​Legian. Another famous tattoo studio as Ibud Tattoo and Body Piercing Studio, located in Jalan Padma Utara in front of Padma Cyber ​​Café, West Ink Tattoo located at Jalan Pantai Kuta near Warung Made, Demon Tattoo at the Double Six Legian, Bali Ink is located on the Kartika First Plaza Centro Discovery Mall, or Seminyak Ink Tattoo and Body Piercing in Nakula Street Seminyak.

In Ubud, you can get a tattoo at Tattoo Tyas located at Hanuman Road Ubud. Tattoo artists usually have a hideous face, but they are very friendly to consumers. There are three types of tattoos that you can choose the airbrush tattoo, tattoo painting, tattoo and permanent.
– Airbrush tattoo ranges of price Rp50000 to Rp100000 depending on the size and complexity of the tattoo image. This type of tattoo can last up to about 10 days in your body.
– Painting tattoo Rp50000 range of prices to Rp200000, can last up to a month.
– Permanent tattoo Rp200000 range of prices to millions of rupiah. This type of tattoo survive as long as you live, unless you do surgery to remove a tattoo from your body.

Normally ink used in the tattoo studio is quite safe and do not cause allergies. Although some are making a little swollen and itchy.

Tips when you make tattoo
– Select the image that fits with your character.
– Select the image size according to body part would you tattoo. Tattoos are great too difficult to display. The tattoo was regarded only as an accessory that you must adjust to the clothes.
– Painting a tattoo on the body that you can see easily, either directly or using mirrors. As a work of art you should also be able to enjoy.

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