Chinese Tourists: Dominating Global Travel Spending with Nearly USD 200 Billion

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Chinese tourists are back on top as the world’s biggest spenders in the travel industry, renowned for their lavish holiday expenditures.

According to the World Tourism Organization (WTO), Chinese travelers shelled out a massive USD 196.5 billion on overseas trips last year, reclaiming their title as the leading spenders in international tourism.

In 2022, American tourists led in global travel spending, but in 2023, Chinese tourists surged ahead once again. Americans spent USD 150 billion on their international adventures last year.

Germany came in third, with German tourists spending USD 112 billion abroad. The United Kingdom and France followed, with expenditures of USD 10 billion and USD 49 billion, respectively.

Completing the top ten spenders in 2023 were tourists from Canada, Italy, India, Russia, and South Korea.

France remained the top destination globally in 2023, welcoming 100 million international tourists, trailed by Spain and the United States.

VN Express highlighted data from the World Travel and Tourism Council, which showed that in 2019, the year before the pandemic, Chinese tourists spent almost USD 248 billion on international travel. This spending accounted for a substantial 14 percent of the global tourism market.

Chinese tourists are a vital market for many Southeast Asian destinations. However, during the pandemic, China’s strict border closures lasted nearly three years.

Since reopening early last year, Asian countries have been eager to attract these high-spending travelers by simplifying visa procedures and offering special incentives.

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