Cheap Accommodation Backpacker in Gothenburg

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Radisson_Blu_Riverside_Hotel_i_GöteborgAs a small city, Gothenburg did not have many options for cheap hostels occupied. Even so, there are some names hostel travelers who frequently used options during a visit to Gothenburg, Gothenburg such as Backpackers is located in Vegagatan 19, Slottsskogens Youth Hostel, which is located in Vegagatan 21, STF Vandrarhem Stigbergsliden Stigbergsliden located at 10, and the Vandrarhem Gothenburgs located in Molndalsvagen 23.

Generally, hostels in Gothenburg is located opposite the station or the main bus terminal and require advanced transportation. Such as tram or local bus, to reach the hostel. You can decide to stay at the Scandic Hotel Youth Hostel for one night because the place is quite strategic and does not require additional transportation if you want to go towards a central tourist location in Gothenburg. Slottskogens actually fused with Backpackers Youth Hostel Gothenburg. If you are booking rooms at the Scandic Hotel Youth Hostel, maybe you will get a room at the Backpackers Gothenburg. Not to be confused or concerned with their system. You still get the room to order and security will not have problems while staying there.

In Slottskogens Youth Hostel, you will be pampered with a beautiful large room filled with 12 women with soft mattresses and blankets thick enough. The hostel was quite comfortable with full amenities, the bathroom was also large and so many do not need to queue for a shower when the morning.

Available in the recreation room with a few computers with internet access sufficient quantities. You do not need to queue if you want to just check email or write a blog. Kitchen facilities with microwave and refrigerator to facilitate its residents who want to cook food is also available. You be at home spending time in the hostel.

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