Cheap Accommodation and Hotel Reservation Guide in Bali

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Hotel_BaliIt is a holiday when you fill the day relaxing and happy. Though for relaxing, lazy vacation destination you should prepare carefully and thoroughly. If it does not, even in the vacation spot you actually meet a variety of problems that make you tense. The following are some important tips and tricks that you should know when preparing and undergoing holidays.

Buying Hotel Voucher and Cheap Accommodation in Bali

Purchase voucher in Bali hotel through a travel agent is a preparatory step to avoid the holiday yourself from finding a place to stay because of confusion in the tourist areas you are to go apparently no longer available hotel rooms are empty. Here’s important information on how to buy a hotel voucher in Bali.

– Contact a travel agent via email, phone or SMS. Clearly describe the hotel voucher that you want. Tell them about the hotel you want to be. If you already have a hotel you are interested, please specify. If not, report the type or class as well as the location of the hotel which you are interested.
– Tell us in detail about the length of stay, number of participants, and the number of rooms required, including extra bed if necessary.
– If you already know the name of the hotel, the travel agent will ask the hotel if desired date period are still available or not. If there is, then the travel agent will book the rooms and the member booking confirmation to you.
– In Bali, at the time of the high-level visits in July and August, some hotels will charge a high season surcharge, the additional cost of room rental beyond the rental rate on weekdays. In addition, the hotel also will usually ask for cash advances are even asking for payment in the beginning.
– Upon receipt of your payment, then the travel agent will send you a hotel voucher and receipt by fax or email you.
– Print the voucher and show your print out the voucher to the front office manager hotel when you check-in.
– To get a hotel voucher in accordance with what you expect, make reservations in advance. If not, then the room that you want is not available.

Voucher payment method and book Package Tour or Car Rental Via Internet

– After getting the hotel you want to fit your needs and budget, fill out your reservation and personal data such as name, address, number of participants, date of arrival and departure, email, and contact phone number.
– After filling the form, if you want hotel rooms are still available, the voucher provider will provide information to you. Your reservation will be approved, if you immediately start making payments on the same day. Typically use bank transfer or credit card.
– Immediate confirmation of your payment voucher to the provider via phone, sms or email.
– Voucher hotel or proof of payment will be sent via email immediately after payment confirmation. Print the document as proof of payment.
– Write your identity card number so that you can make payments in foreign currency or dollars.

Add extend the length of stay in Hotel

If hotel reservations made through travel agents
– Contact your travel agent where you book hotel voucher.
– Tell them that you want to add a stay at the hotel.
– After the confirmation of the member agencies, check with the front office if it has received notice from the agency.
If the booking directly to the hotel
– Come to the front office staff, ask if the room can add to the lease until the date that you want.
– If you can, front office staff will give you a form. Some hotels provide qualified, you must pay in advance the cost of the previous room. Without paying the full cost of the room, they do not allow you to increase the period of stay in the room. So bring cash or other payment instruments such as credit card so that you no trouble.

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