Camel Milk Chocolate, Unique Souvenirs from Qatar

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Camelus_dromedarius_in_Singapore_ZooIn case you are traveling and transiting at doha international airport, qatar, there may be a gift which can become a brand new trend. there can be no use made of chocolate milk, other then with camel milk. yummy !

Brown is sometimes mixed with cows milk, other then apparently not the case in qatar. at doha airport, you might want to get chocolate al nassma, company-owned dubai emir sheik mohammed bin rashid al maktoum in partnership with austrian chocolate company.

The emir delivers the biggest camel farm in the country with 2, 300 camels. previously, al nassma just turn out contemporary camel milk, camel milk powder later. al nassma then took 2 austrian chocolate professional and turn to be al nassma camel milk chocolate.

Reporting from cn traveller, thursdayal nassma brown performing by having form of flavors. there’s milk chocolate, dark chocolate and the like. that tastes smart is chocolate macadamia nut combine citrus flavor. wah curious !

Brown camel milk on al nassma feels then again sporting regular chocolate milk. it feels a trifle additional salty, other then still delicious.

Searching for chocolates al nassma in doha airport is straightforward. his chocolate bar uses a brown packing paper and al nassma. there will be too packaging praline box with pictures and writings al nassma camel.

Possibly the most exclusive is shaped brown camel with gold wrap and packaging transparent plastic box. wah once appeared to firmly function a souvenir.

Additionally to firmly the doha airport, al nassma too has cafe in dubai mall. they will give you a camel milk chocolate cake, chocolate and vanilla ice cream from camel milk, camel milk hot chocolate, while a form of camel milk low with funny names like camel latte and camel-cino.

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