Called in Sick, Ends Up on the Same Flight as Her Boss

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A woman planning a sneaky getaway to Bangkok, Thailand, called in sick, only to end up on the same flight as her boss. Talk about bad luck!

This unfortunate incident happened to TikTok user @grachevaaleidya. Her video has gone viral, racking up 841,000 views by Saturday (June 29, 2024).

In the clip, Grace can be seen grimacing in disbelief at her predicament. She also shared screenshots of messages from her boss, along with a selfie her boss took from the seat in front of her, which captured Grace sitting in her seat.

Although the chat between her and her boss is blurred out, you can see a laughing emoji sent by her boss.

According to Newsweek, Grace is a freelancer who splits her time between Europe and Indonesia.

She had informed her boss that she had a doctor’s appointment and received approval to reschedule her workday. In reality, she was heading to Bangkok for a vacation.

Unfortunately, her plan backfired when she bumped into her boss on the plane.

While waiting in line, Grace suddenly recognized a familiar face calling her name. She explained that her boss often travels to Bali as well.

Her boss ended up laughing at her failed attempt to skip work.

“Oh, so this is the hospital?” her boss joked upon seeing her.

The funny incident drew lots of reactions from netizens.

“I would cry like a baby and hand in my resignation letter,” another user said.

Despite the awkward encounter, Grace and her boss ended up chatting and laughing about the coincidence.

“We ended up laughing together because the company had no idea we both accidentally went to Bangkok at the same time. So we supported each other, lol,” Grace shared in the comments.

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