Big Floating Rubber Duck in Hong Kong

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Yellow_bath_duckStill remember toy rubber duck ? yellow duck is typically faithful to actually accompany small children bathing. now, flip the voters of hong kong that ought to be entertained a big rubber duck.

Duck rubber may be a toy shaped utilizing a bright yellow color. usually, this toy can float within the tub and shower faithfully accompany you. now, there will certainly be a rubber ducky floating utilizing a bathtub, however utilizing a ocean of hong kong.

Harbour town in collaboration with conceptual artist invites allrightsreserved has also been recognized all over the globe, florentijn hofman, to actually showcase the big. may be a 16. 5 meter tall rubber duck that will certainly be on display for the ocean terminal, harbour town, china.

Furthermore, the big rubber ducks can float within the victoria harbour may be a big bathtub. this floating artwork can give you a distinctive read as to the environment within which these are appropriate. residents also as tourists who were in hong kong will freely enjoy this distinctive scenery. from may 2 to actually june 9, 2013, this toy can float in marine art exhibit the very first time as a first held in hong kong.

Previous to actually hong kong, the big rubber duck has crossed the globe. rubber ducks began its journey in 2007 and most definitely has visited 10 countries and 12 cities. among the cities ive ever visited, is osaka, sydney, sao paolo, amsterdam, among others.

In keeping with hofman, creating this big artwork impressed rubber toy that continually accompany him whereas bathing in childhood. rubber duck may be a symbol of happiness and joy that brings childhood memories.

He hopes that works can offer a smile on everyones face who saw it and gave positive sensations of each one journey. throughout the event, will certainly be exhibited also a type of photographic work featuring rubber ducks for spreading the joy from one town to actually another around the globe.

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