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Best_Western_Hotel_Baltic_Sundsvall_room_interiorSleeping in hotel rooms world-class designer now not really a fantasy anymore. some hotels in several countries are designed by designers an example would be armani, dior, bulgari and versace. though this luxury hotel is below the reach of most of one’s traveller, and luxury hotels branded fashion is big business. these have earned praise for first-class service and design. Asiafreetravel compiled from cnn, friday, the listed hotel designed by world class designers :

Armani Hotel Milano

Armani hotel milano is located in milan, italy. the hotel is designed with luxury as in dubai. to produce a class of presidential suite, these have their very own cocktail bar with full service. according to actually your request, these too give one of the best seats regarding the theater and opera. this too applies for and booking a table along at the famous restaurant. room rates along at the hotel begin from US$ 600 per night.

Armani Hotel Dubai

Armani hotel dubai has 11 floors within the whole building burj khalifa. with 7 restaurants, a spa and 8 different kinds of luxurious rooms, this hotel is in gudung tallest building within the whole world. This hotel upholds its name armani. armani feels the touch works ranging coming from the bathroom, to actually the gym. room rates along at the hotel begin from US$ 500 per night.

Bulgari Resort Bali

Designer hotel design world too exist in indonesia, precisely in uluwatu, bali. bulgari resort in bali, you’ll be able to feel the hedonistic paradise. every villa uses a private pool. you’ll be able to too keep within the whole hotel to produce a style of balinese culture. the resort features a collection of antiques and artwork bali. The objects during this hotel was designed and made by native artists pera architects collaborated with bulgari. room rates here begin at US$ 1000 per night.

Grand Piano Suite by DVF at Claridges Mayfair, London

Hotel icons with icon designers met within the whole town of london fashion. the hotel was designed by designer diane von furstenberg. claridges is possibly the most glamorous hotel on earth, says dvf. the space displays photos taken by diane von furstenberg throughout his trip to actually europe, asia, africa and the center east. rates per night for a space with the hotel rent is US$ 1900.

Bulgari Hotel London

Bulgari hotel london to actually balance architecture with the use of a sleek silver sculptured marble. bedroom curtains are made of italian silk and has intricate designs. the hotel claims that their rooms will be the largest within the whole town of london. prices in these rooms ranging from US$ 700.

Missoni Kuwait

Hotel missoni in salmiya, kuwait could be a hotel branded fashion at cheap prices. other then the cheap value will not mean lower quality. the combination of gold, turquoise color and vogue as to the hotel reflects the mosaic within the whole desert and of course the ocean kuwait. leading service is additionally out there throughout the free valet and airport pickup. rates per night at this hotel beginning from US$ 200.

Palazzo Versace Queensland

Palazzo versace hotel reflects the environment that inspires when he founded the gianni versace fashion house in 1978. hotel is located in main beach, australia is decorated with hand-crafted mosaic and greco-roman vogue. towards the delight of guests, the hotels first branded fashion world launched fashionista high tea within the whole lobby bar. incorporate design trends, colours and designs galvanized by the newest collection of versace. an antique chandelier illuminates the space ever state library of milan hung sparkling gold details inside the vaulted ceiling as to the hotel. room rates at palazzo versace queensland is US$ 400 per night.

Palazzo Versace Dubai

Palazzo versace dubai hotel will just be opened within the whole year 2014 in culture village, dubai. this opening can bring an oasis of previous world tradition into a brand new world-class town. gold detail will just be displayed within the whole hotel ceiling. this design combines classic european-style palace with arabic parts. greek key motifs an example would be the form and the pinnacle of medusa used all told furniture, flooring and fabrics. a total of 214 rooms will just be got wind of with furniture design donnatella versace.

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