Best Alcohol Free Travel Destination

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No_AlcoholA few time ago, a fresh hotel opened in egypt. the hotel aforesaid it’d not sell alcohol to actually tourists. tourists whereas on vacation is synonymous with alcohol, and following are classified as the tourist destinations that don’t serve alcohol. check out his review below as quoted coming from the telegraph and usatoday :


Hotels, supermarkets, and many restaurants within the whole united arab emirates offer alcohol, in spite of this tourist consumed banned in government departments places. even within the whole town of sharjah, alcohol is utterly banned, either for consumption or sale.


You may wonder why the US entered the country to actually ban the consumption of alcohol, whereas on tv and movie actor is shown that drinking plenty of beer. really, the lifting as to the prohibition of alcohol consumption within the whole US has carried out eighty years ago. in spite of this, a few states still ban, like a few cities in mississippi, alaska, florida, texas, arkansas, alabama, and kentucky.

Brunei Darussalam

Sale of alcohol is banned in brunei, other then non-muslim tourists are allowed to actually bring 2 liters or 12 cans of beer tiny beer each 48 hours. previously, that they’d to actually invest in a permit to actually consume beer initial.


Many indian states have laws that prohibit the sale and consumption of alcohol. in gujarat, tourists should purchase a license to actually consume alcohol that may typically be found along at the hotel and is barely valid for 30 days.


Another in kuwait. alcohol is merely sold in a few foreign embassies, and mustn’t be purchased carelessly.


Sales of alcohol are extremely strict in bangladesh. alcohol is barely obtainable at bars, restaurants and bound hotels.


Alcohol is banned in libya, however lots as to the black market trade in alcoholic beverages. tourists are suggested not to purchase alcohol coming from the black market, as a result of additionally onto the illegal, dangerous combine of alcohol and even.


Being a muslim country, no more than non-muslim tourists are allowed to purchase alcohol in pakistan. however alcohol is additionally no more than obtainable in four-star hotels and 5 in the massive cities.

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