Basic Tourism in Korea

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Pictures from Cheong gye Cheon official website
Pictures from Cheong gye Cheon official website

In Korea, there are many things to see, eat and enjoy. In addition to the natural environment with mountains, sea and vast fields matched with 4 types of seasons are clear, the legacy of a long history in Korea, which is the typical cultural heritage also draw the eyes of foreign tourists. Meanwhile, maritime sports, mountain climbing, various types of sports in the winter, and so on, can be enjoyed in Korea as well as the tourists can feel good tasting traditional Korean cuisine which is now under the spotlight as the food well-being.

Korean Metropolitan city does not want to sleep for 24 hours, until the scenery and the luxury life at night can also present a wonderful keepsake. If the tourists do not want to enjoy the hustle in the metropolis as it is, also if you have a good time to ponder his own meditation on a deserted temple in the mountains.

Historical and Cultural Heritage
Most of the ancient palace located in the capital city of Seoul.

Places of Historical
Around the country there are Korean heritage designated as World Cultural Heritage by UNESCO as heritage in the city Kyeongju Shilla kingdom, Hwasung Fortress in Suwon city, Jongmyo, Changkyeong Palace in Seoul,city of Buyeo and so on.

Cultural Heritage
The fragrance of the ancient Korean art and culture can be enjoyed from the historic temples, shrines that exudes the spirit of scholars in ancient times, and so on throughout Korea.

Korea Natural Environment

In addition to visit the beautiful Jeju Island floating in the vast sea to the Pacific Ocean, the South Sea is renowned as a beautiful coastline and crystal clear sea water, the East Sea is blue and clear, lush West Sea with the results of the sea, offering beautiful natural scenery and typical of each.

Mountainous area in the eastern region and the province of Gangwon, not so tall and beautiful nuances. Plus, 4 types of seasons presents a very varied landscape in the mountains.

Korea Travel Experience

Outdoor activities
Almost all types of sports entertainment can be enjoyed in Korea, including maritime exercise in the summer, winter sports and mountain climbing.

Natural environment, cuisine and arts and culture can be experienced through the many festivals began Butterfly Festival, and the Festival of Clay, until Ramusan Materials Market.

Cultural experience
In addition to Temple Stay to enjoy the meditation at the temple, a variety of events to enjoy history, traditional culture, and life of the common people of Korea, are provided. In addition, visits to the inter-Korean border village, Panmunjum, is also interesting.

Food and Nightlife

Korean food is now under the spotlight as the well-being of food, very varied. Anywhere and at any time the tourists can sample fine cuisine and Korean cuisine all over the world.

Metropolitan cities do not want to sleep while filled spirit. Because Koreans like to enjoy the song and dance from the past, life in the night quite developed like karaoke and clubs. Most types of alcoholic beverages made mankind can also be sampled at any time in Korea.

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