Amazing View of Stockholm City Hall

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Stockholm_City_HallStockholm is the host of the annual Nobel award ceremony. Then you need to come to Stadshuset or Stockholm City Hall, where the Nobel awards ceremony was held. Although there is no Nobel Prize ceremony because it will did on December 10, at least you can come and feel the atmosphere of a place that was visited by the great Nobel laureate.

Stockholm City Hall is located on the island of Kungsholmen and became one of the most famous buildings in Sweden. Of Gamla Stan, Stockholm City Hall silhouettes look so obvious. Meanwhile Cityterminalen, Stockholm City Hall tower with three famous crown as if aware of all the tourists that they are in the Scandinavian capital. There is not one photo Stockholm City Hall on google or tourist brochures that look dull. In the photo, the Stockholm City Hall looks so simple with two main buildings on the west and east with a tower between the two buildings.

Here’s a little history of the Stockholm City Hall. The building is a building for Stockholm City Council and the construction of the building was carried out for 12 years. Stockholm City Hall looks unusual when compared with a number of other buildings in Stockholm. But if getting closer to Stockholm City Hall, a red brick building is the main material of different shades of members and make StockholmCity Hall looks magnificent and sturdy.

Stockholm entering from the main door, the tourists are usually greeted with wide-field wall that surrounded the building. All red brick that tree in the corner of the field to be contrasted scenes. On one wall overlooking the waters of a large arch shaped so that the shadow of the afternoon sun streams in through the arch falls in the yard. it is a simple landscape that can make you fall in love with this place.

Out of the main field, garden lay Stockholm City Hall with some seating. From there, visitors can enjoy views of the water Stockholm which is right on the lip of the Stockholm City Hall park. Stockholm scenery looks very beautiful waters of the park. You can sitting right on the edge of the blue waters of Stockholm and clear. Sky line views of the other islands occupied by around Stockholm City Hall and runging church roof and a row of buildings. Some ships often cross the waters because it is the primary water transportation in Stockholm.

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