7 No-No Outfits for Your Flight

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Flying is like being part of an unspoken club, but there are some unwritten rules about what not to wear on a plane. According to Travel + Leisure (23/12/2023), the first golden rule for long flights is ditching those open-toed shoes—keep them in your suitcase.

While most airlines won’t give you a fashion citation, there are some commonly accepted guidelines about what to wear on a plane or more specifically, what not to wear. These rules and recommendations are about keeping things clean, comfortable, and hassle-free. So, here’s a rundown of seven things you should avoid wearing on a plane:

Open-toed Shoes

Heading somewhere warm? Sure, flip-flops are tempting, but consider the last time the plane’s carpet got a good scrub. Also, you never know what lurks under those seats. And always, always keep those shoes on in the bathroom—trust us.

Flashy Clothing

Airlines may not have a fashion police, but they do have the right to give you the boot if your outfit raises eyebrows. No explicit language or indecent attire; it’s a public place, after all.


Comfort is key, but we’re talking about a public space here. Save the PJs for your bedroom unless, of course, you’re in business class and get a comfy set for the flight.


Save the bikini for the beach. Hawaiian Airlines, among others, frowns upon swimwear in the cabin, so cover up until you land.

Single-layer Clothing

You’ll face a temperature mystery inside the plane. Layer up so you can adapt. Single layers, whether it’s a tank top or a chunky sweater, might leave you too hot or too cold.

Excessive Jewelry

Big bling might be better off in your carry-on. Imagine fumbling with all those accessories during security checks—it’s more hassle than it’s worth.

Excessive Perfume or Cologne

Spare a thought for your seatmates who might not appreciate your signature scent. A little goes a long way, especially in the confined space of an airplane cabin. Your favorite fragrance might be overpowering for others, so keep it subtle.

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