10 Toughest Countries to Visit: Not Every Tourist Gets a Visa

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So, you’ve caught the travel bug post-COVID-19, ready to spread your wings and explore. But hold on, some countries seem to have built a fortress around them, making it an uphill battle to get a visa. Here are the 10 trickiest ones you might want to crack in 2023:


Ah, the vast and snow-clad beauty of Russia! But getting a tourist visa feels like facing an interrogation. Be prepared to spill the beans on your whereabouts for the last decade.


The Caribbean charm of Cuba is undeniable, especially in the cool months. Yet, scoring a visa, especially if you’re from the U.S., is like finding a needle in a haystack.


Iran, with its stunning sites, demands a special code before you even think about a visa. And guess what? Only official Iranian agents can get it for you.


Welcome to the enigmatic land of Turkmenistan! To apply for a visa, you’ll need a bunch of documents, including three filled-out forms and a golden ticket – an invitation letter from the Migration Service.

Republic of Chad

Chad, the not-so-easy-to-reach country. To get an invite, you’ll need a sponsor or a hotel to vouch for you. The catch? If your visa is rejected, your hotel booking money goes down the drain.


Bhutan, the elusive kingdom, doesn’t easily approve individual visas. Your ticket? Join a tour package. But hey, it’s Bhutan; you can’t put a price on that!

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia, a land of contrasts. E-visas have made it easier, but there are rules. No entry to Mecca or Medina without a Muslim card, even with a tourist visa.


Somalia, where angels fear to tread. Consulates won’t risk your safety, and if you dare to go, you might need a personal security squad.

North Korea

The hermit kingdom of North Korea. You’re not just getting a visa; you’re signing up for a no-talk, no-walk, no-joke experience. Approved travel agents only!


Afghanistan, a tricky terrain. Current politics aside, getting a visa isn’t a walk in the park. Indonesians get a pass, but even they might want to think twice.

Note: This travel maze info might change, so do your homework before plotting your adventure. Happy visa hunting!

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